Blanketrol III Hypothermia Treatment

Blanketrol III Hypothermia Treatment

Brand: Blanketrol

Model: Blanketrol III


Orgin: USA


Blanketrol III It can be utilized in both the cooling and heating mode, allowing
for rapid or gradual patient temperature management control.

Technical features highlights:

  • “Gradient Temperature Technology”allows for rapid or gradual heating &cooling.
  • Has 3 hose connectors, while othercompetitor products only have 2 hoseconnectors.
  • Internal by-pass (pre-warming & precooling of water in the unit).
  • Data Export Software allows for thepatient’s data during treatment to beexports as a .csv file.

Blanketrol® III…offers a cost-effective and convenient way to cool and warm your patients.

  • A higher flow rate combined with ease ofapplication results in tight control ofThe innovative gradient program minimizesfluctuations in water temperature andmaintains a stable patient temperature.
  • The Data Export Software allows the caregiverto transfer the patient’s data and export it toEXCEL, where they have the ability to creategraphs or charts.

When it’s time to cool, CSZ offers an effective solution with its Blanketrol® III and the Kool-Kit®.

  • This temperature management system provides an effective alternative to traditional patientcooling techniques. Our revolutionary system combines the SMART technology of the Blanketrol® IIIwith the body surface area coverage of the Kool-Kit® for a non-invasive whole-body temperaturemanagement solution.
  • The Kool-Kit® includes a Head Wrap, Patient Vest and Lower Body Blanket to maximize coverageand temperature accuracy. The Kool-Kit® provides caregivers ready access to their patients, andhelps administer temperature management and controlled re warming for each patient. Thismethod of cooling allows for early treatment that is fast, cost-effective and dependable.

Easy The Kool-Kit® incorporates Velcro® on the Head Wrap and Patient Vest, with no adhesive or cumbersome wrapping required, making application fast and easy

Versatile Each piece is fully adjustable, allowing for easy access to skin, IV lines, EKG pads as well as other monitoring devices, and can be used on most patients.

Effective With approximately 66% body surface coverage1, the Kool-Kit® offers increased temperature transfer due to its unique design.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 17″ x 17″ x 37,5″ (32,2cm x 43,2cm x 95,3cm).
  • Weight: 131 Ibs (59,4kg).
  • Water temperature range: 4- 42o
  • Patient temperature controller: 30- 40o
  • Primary safety: 44,6 +_ 2o
  • Secondary safety: 46 +_ 2o
  • Flow rate: 159 L/h (115v)/ 136 L/h (230v).




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