Normothermia System Norm- O- Temp

Normothermia System Norm- O- Temp

Brand: Norm- O- Temp

Model: 111W

Manufacturer: Gentherm Medical, LLC/USA

Orgin: USA


The Norm-O-Temp is a whole body system that allows conductive warming therapy to be administered. It can be used in the operating room, pre-op, recovery or emergency department and when paired with Gelli-Roll® makes the perfect Temperature Management device for your OR

Outstanding benefits:

  • Offers an underbody solution that allows full access to the patient
  • Cost savings solution for managing normothermia when combined with the Gelli-Roll
  • Ability to pre-condition the water helps save time for the caregiver
  • Small footprint allows for easy placement of the device

Working principle: Using the principle of water circulation, the water is heated inside the device and then circulated through the special blankets of Gentherm, the heat will be transferred to the patient through the conduction mechanism. This will stabilize the patient’s body temperature at the desired temperature.


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